Thursday, March 28, 2013

Steady State?

The reports are in on the European Space Agency's Planck observations, and the evidence is .... not as decisive as most of the reports would lead you to believe.

I am not an astrophysicists, so take that previous statement with a grain a salt. The view of the science, so far, is that the Universe is about 800 million years older then the last time we looked. But, the two big anomalies from the previous observations remain.

You see, the theory is that if there was a big bang that created the Universe at a certain point in time, then there would be some radiation of this event and it would be distributed evenly across the Universe. Problem is the southern hemisphere of the Planck observatories image is hotter then the the northern region, and there is a big dark blue (cold) spot in the south as well.

I will confess that I favor a steady state Universe, one that has always been here, stretched out through an eternity of time. You could argue that if the Universe is continually renewing itself over an eternity the distribution of radiation would be uneven, with more radiation around more recently active regions of recreation. So the Plank image could support the steady state view as well.

Whatever your conclusions, this info graphic from is helpful. The part about pigeons is pretty good too.

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