Sunday, September 15, 2013

Guest Starring Pruitt Taylor Vince

My Twilight Zone Netflix Moment

This happened a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to share this moment over Facebook, and Twitter the instant it happened, but I was too freaked out to pick up my phone or tablet and type out the words that would describe it. Even now, I am uncertain if I should share this event with you because it is a little like seeing The Sixth Sense for the first time. I am talking about that evening I entered the Twilight Zone with Pruitt Taylor Vince while watching Netflix.

I no longer have cable. I realized that most of the programs I was recording were on the channels I can get with an HD antenna, and that the shows I am enjoying most are the ones I am watching on Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu.

So I cut the cord and have been enjoying two of my favorite hits from the 90's on Netflix, The X-Files and Highlander. While I had seen most of these programs when they aired originally, I wanted to watch them from the start, and since I am slightly obsessive I have kept the series in sync. That is, I will not let Netflix auto-play the next episode of The X-Files or Highlander. Instead, I stop and switch to the other series and watch the next show there. When the number of shows in a season do not sync up, I finish the season of the series with more episodes, usually The X-Files, before starting the next season of the other series.

It is with that lengthy set-up that we arrive at Season 4, Episode 3 of Highlander. Titled The Innocent, it guest stars Pruitt Taylor Vince as an autistic immortal. I did not see this episode when it first aired, so I was surprised to see Vince. He is one of my favorite actors and has been since I saw him guest star in an episode of The X-Files in the 1990's. So I thought to myself, wouldn't it be weird if he were the guest star in Season 4 Episode 3 of the X-Files? (At this time, I thought the next episode queued up for me of the X-Files was Episode 3). So Vince's character loses his head at the end of the Highlander episode, the theme music played, I stopped Netflix from auto-playing the next episode, and decided to watch the next episode of The X-Files. (At this point, I was committed to making this moment happen).

The next episode of The X-Files happened to be Season 4 Episode 4, titled “Unruhe”. The moment it started I recognized the episode, it was the one with Pruitt Taylor Vince; the very episode that had made me a fan of this actor in the first place!

Now, that was a Twilight Zone moment that could only happen with a streaming service like Netflix. But wait, it gets better. Remember, that when I went into the next X-Files episode I thought it was going to be Season 4, Episode 3. It wasn't; it was Episode 4. But I wanted to see if anyone else had noticed that Vince was in Season 4 of both Highlander and The X-Files. I didn't find anything, but I did find this Wikipediaarticle about the “Unruhe” episode of the X-Files where it says:

This episode was the first episode in the series that was broadcast out of order in the series' production schedule. Once the producers of the show knew that they would be moving to Sundays starting with the fourth episode of the season, they decided to push this episode back, feeling that it would be an excellent representative of the show for its first Sunday night episode and a better representative than the fourth episode of the season filmed, "Teliko".

Did you catch that. Season 4, Episode 4 of the X-Files was supposed to be Season 4, Episode 3. Que the Twilight Zone music. Trivia lovers everywhere, your welcome.

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